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#1 Rated Full-Feature Pay Per Head Bookmaking Service

#1 Rated Full-Feature Pay Per Head Bookmaking Service
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Real Price Per Head Pricing

At Host PPH rather than just offering you one set cost per head we actually specialize in creating a customized package for each of our price per head bookmaking agents based upon:

Host PPH believes in dealing openly and honestly with our agents in order to build long term client loyalty. Unlike other pay per head services that may start you at a low teaser rate and then hold you hostage with a bunch of service fees after you sign up, Host PPH sets a real per head price for you that will not go up.

We know the true cost of service and our # 1 goal is to ensure that you & your players receive the best price per head service solutions!

Contact us today for a confidential cost per head price quote and ask about our current specials. Call now!

We will match any price that offers the exact same service!