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Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Bookmaking Service HostPPH

Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Bookmaking Service HostPPH

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A real price per head should not only be based on a realistic overview of a bookmaker's player package size but also reflect the true cost of doing business in an offshore environment like Costa Rica. Pay Per Head shops that offer cut rate prices are in fact taking huge risks with their business and yours. There are lots of ways to cut corners in the PPH industry and unfortunately many bookies have found out the hard way that talk is cheap. Host offers you a real price per head that is guaranteed no to go up!

Host PPH is an established company that has been operating bookie outsourcing services in Costa Rica for over 10 years and knows what it takes to get the job done. We don't play games with people or their livelihood and we won't compromise the quality of our service to our agents. Our claims of superior service are backed by a proven track record of reliable and dependable wager outsourcing to bookies and has made Host PPH the most trusted name in the pay per head industry.

Real PPH Pricing

Host PPH makes superior bookie management services affordable by giving you a real price per head. We take a number of factors into consideration to give bookmaking agents the best value in the offshore gaming industry.(read more)

Pay Per Head Fees

Many PPH offices that claim to offer a real price per head instead give out teaser rates which are designed only to bait the hook. Once you've moved your players over you end up getting slammed with fees and service rate increases. At Host PPH there are no hidden costs; once we set a cost per head price for you your rate is guaranteed not to go up. Always remember if a rate seems too good to be true it probably is.(read more)

Perhead Payment Options

Host PPH provides reliable and discrete payment methods that make it easy for you to fund your account. Once your account is funded we simply deduct your weekly price per head payment based on the cost per head of the number of players who had action over the previous week. This is a real price per head because you only pay for the players that play each week no matter how many accounts you set up.(read more)

Price Guarantee

Finding a competent pay per head service these days that actually follows through on promises of premium service at an acceptable rate can be a daunting task. At Host PPH we not only guarantee superior level service but we also will match or beat any price of any other pay per head service that offers the same high quality service as we do! (read more)

Instant Price Quote

Getting a simple pay per player price quote these days can be a very frustrating experience. At Host PPH we will only ask you a few basic questions as to your service requirements after which, we will quickly provide you with a competitive, confidential real pay per head price quote.

Free Trial Up To Weeks

At Host PPH we strive for perfection and complete customer satisfaction, with this in mind we offer all of our new agents to try our pay per head service for free up to 4 weeks with no upfront deposit required to get started. During this free trial period bookies will be able to judge for themselves and clearly evaluate the quality of our PPH service and experience all that Host PPH has to offer absolutely free! (read more)

PPH Demo

At Host PPH, cost per head bookies can rest assured that they will receive a complete demo of our turnkey bookmaking solutions before having to send us a cent. In fact, after the initial per head agent demo Host PPH invites all new bookmakers to actually try our pay per head services for free up to 4 weeks with no upfront deposit required to get started! (read more)

To learn more about Host PPH's best price per head solutions simply call 1–877–644–4678 and one of our VIP host will be happy to go over our price per head bookmaking options.

We will match any price that offers the exact same service!