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Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Bookmaking Service HostPPH

Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Bookmaking Service HostPPH

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Questions & Answers

Host PPH has been operating in San Jose, Costa Rica since 2001. Our All English Speaking Staff is comprised of experienced & professional bookmaking personnel. From our customer support agents and wagering clerks to our line makers and movers the secret to our continued success is our knowledgeable team, some of whom have over 40 years of Risk Management experience in the offshore gaming industry.

Where is the Host Pay Per Head facility located?
The Host PPH Call & Internet Center is located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our cost per head Stand Alone Facility is fully equipped with the latest in technological advancements to ensure our agents & their players' needs are always fulfilled.

Is Host a Sportsbook?
No, Host is an International Pay Per Head Company that provides legal and professional data processing services for bookmakers around the world. Host PPH operates out of its own stand alone compound and does not share its facility or their services.

What is the difference between Host pay per head service and a sportsbook?
Host is not a bookmaking operation in the traditional sense. Offshore, online Sportsbooks process transactions on winnings and loses directly with players; Host is not involved in nor profits from player wins or losses. Host PPH deals directly with bookies providing them with a Turnkey Gaming Solution pay per head service. Host charges agents/bookies a flat Pay Per Head Fee on a per week basis to simply write their players betting action. Host PPH also supplies bookmakers with a full accounting of all their players' activity, this real time reporting can be accessed anytime 24/7/365. Host does not collect any revenues or personal information from any player that is solely between them and their agent. The agent/bookie becomes the sportsbook, Host PPH simply serves as a bridge between the agent/bookie and their players.

Why should I choose Host as my cost per head solutions provider?
Host has been providing bookmakers with a superior level of service for over 10 years and offers: Host PPH price per head service can help bookies to maximize their winnings while minimizing loses!

Tailored Package Settings: (customized for you at no extra charge)

Technical Supremacy:

  • 24/7/365 Technical support
  • Leading–edge technology hardware
  • Digital recording of all calls to avoid claims
  • Triple redundancy for telephone and internet connections – we have backups for the backups.
  • Multiple firewall security and data base protection
  • Mitigation solutions to avoid online Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks

How do I get started?
Simply contact Host today at 877–644–4678 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable, English speaking VIP Hosts will be happy to assist you and offer you a quick & complete demo of our price per head service from start to finish. Host PPH invites all new agents/bookies to test drive our per head service for Free Up To 4 Weeks!

How long does it take you to set up my Host bookmaking agent account?
Agent & Player Set Up depends entirely on the size of your package & its player profile settings. Most PPH agent accounts can be set up and activated within minutes. Our friendly & knowledgeable support staff is standing by now and is available for a confidential consultation call 1–877–644–4678.

How many players do I need to start with Host PPH services?
Host PPH is equipped to handle any size agent/bookie player package; we currently provide Turnkey Gaming Solutions for bookmakers & thousands of their players worldwide! You can get started with as few or as many players as you desire, simply call 1–877–644–4678 today and ask for a cost per head Demo.

Can my players keep their same account numbers that they have been using with me for years?
In most cases yes! In the event they conflict with previously established accounts, we can tweak the account slightly to accommodate all your wishes. You are free to use most any player account ID you want, and our friendly and knowledgeable reps are standing by to assist you with your Agent & Player Set Up.

Can my players wager on all sports?
Your Host account can be set up to accept all types of wagers on all major sporting events, including NFL and College football, MLB baseball, NBA and NCAA basketball, NHL hockey, horseracing, automobile racing, PGA golf, pro tennis, boxing, MMA, soccer, politics, Academy Awards, Grammys & Reality TV shows. Over 90 classic Las Vegas Casino games are also available. Host PPH offers agents/bookies Unlimited Customized Profiles which means bookmakers have the ability make player adjustments at anytime to allow or prohibit wagering options or limits within the sportsbook, racebook or casino.

How do my players place their bets/wagers?
Our cutting edge Wagering Software allows your players the option to place wagers over the phone or Internet via computer or mobile device, from smart phones to i–PADs and everything in between 24/7/365.

How do I specify my player betting limits?
The Agent/Bookie will determine a player's credit & betting limit during the initial set up. Host PPH offers bookies Unlimited Customized Profiles which can be adjusted anytime 24/7/365.

What are Host's hours of operation?
Host pay per head service never closes! We are open 24/7/365 providing both online and on–site support. Our sales office hours are: 8:00 am pst. to 8:00 pm pst. Monday to Saturday and Sundays from 8:00 am pst. to 6:00 pm pst.

How is my bookmaking business protected?
We use data encryption and state–of–the–art security & privacy technology to protect all agent and player information. All communications that come into our call center are digitally recorded for your protection to avoid against frivolous claims. Host PPH will never ask for your player’s personal information only you know who your players are!

Do you have someone watching the odds and betting lines all the time?
Hosts Line & Risk Management Team is staffed round the clock 24/7/365 to make sure that you're always dealing the best odds on a sharp line.

How can I be sure my players are receiving a sharp accurate line?
Host employs talented and professional line managers with decades of sports booking experience to minimize your risk and make your business more successful. If you so desire you also have the option at any time to Move Your Own Lines, hide or adjust any line on any game yourself as a player/agent management tool.

How do I know what my players are doing?
Host’s provides agents/bookies with Real Time Reporting that can be accessed by you using your secure login with any internet compatible device 24/7/365. Our All English Speaking Staff is always standing by to give you a hand.

How do my players access your casino?
Host gives your players access to the largest online Casino Software in the industry featuring over 90 of the most popular Las Vegas style casino games. Your players can wager 24/7/365 online via our Mobile Betting Application using any smart phone or from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Agents/bookies can easily open or close casino access for any player account using our online account manager.

What per head fees does Host charge?
At Host rather than just having one set price per head we actually specialize in creating a customized player package for each of our agents based upon:
  • Your # of players.
  • Your overall account requirements.
  • Your players wagering preferences of phone or internet.
No matter how many player accounts you set up you only pay for the players that play each week. Our # 1 goal is to better serve you & your players! Once Host sets your real price per head, that price is locked in and guaranteed NEVER go up! Other pph services might start you off at a low teaser cost per head rate and then once you are locked in they start tacking on a bunch of hidden fees. With Host there aren't any additional costs per head, check out our Pay Per Head Price Guarantee. Our goal is to ensure that you and your players receive the very best PPH service available. Contact us today for a confidential Instant Price Quote and ask about our current specials. Call now! All new agents/bookies receive Up To 4 Weeks FREE, no upfront deposit required in order to get started!

How do I deposit funds for Host PPH services?
We offer a variety of simple and confidential Per Head Payment Options. Contact us today at 877–644–4678 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable, English speaking support staff, will be happy to assist you.

How can I verify the quality of your service?
Check out the Host PPH Testimonials to read what the experts are saying: "Host Offshore Call & Internet Center is the leader in price per head business, with impeccable honesty, first–rate services and a risk management team with more than 100 years combined industry experience– they are the best!"
Jimmy Vaccaro– Former Director, The Mirage Sports Book "Many land–based sports books, some that I've done business with for over 30 years, have moved their operations offshore to Host Per Head services. It's because they have the BEST lines, the BEST people and the BEST service. All around they're a top–notch operation."
Lem Banker– World Famous Professional Sports Bettor– Only sports bettor in the world to appear on the cover of People Magazine and featured on the hit TV show "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous"

Can I test your perhead service?
Yes you can! We invite you to Try Us For Free, no upfront deposit required to get started. Feel free to call us today and we will quickly set up one or as many players as you would like at no charge for Up To 4 Weeks FREE!

How Can I Contact Host PPH?
Call us today at 1–877–644–4678 and ask about our current pay per player specials.

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