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#1 Rated Full-Feature Pay Per Head Bookmaking Service

#1 Rated Full-Feature Pay Per Head Bookmaking Service
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Pay Per Head Fees

Host price per head bookmaking fees are reconciled on a weekly billing cycle. Agents will only be charged a cost per head for the accounts that have been active during a particular week.

For example; let’s say that you have 100 registered player accounts but only 30 of these had placed wagers during the week, you would only be billed for the 30 players that actually bet on sports, horse racing or casino.

Host takes pride in the fact that there are no hidden fees associated with our service and once a real price per head has been agreed upon Host will never raise your perhead weekly rate. The bottom line is we do not play games with people’s money or lively hood.

We will match any price that offers the exact same service!