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WHAT IS THE BEST PAY PER HEAD (PPH) SERVICE? Are you searching Google for the Best Pay Per Head PPH Service? You’ll find a whole range of options, some might look legit, but others are obvious scams. Most people don’t even know what a “pay per head service” is — or what it has to offer, much less which is …

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There is a whole new bag of tricks available for the professional bookmaker these days.  The era of the smoky sports bar, the pay phone on the back wall and the roll of quarters has given way to the iPad and the SmartPhone. Even your old trusty beeper and cell phone have been made obsolete by the new technologies available …

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Today’s software for wagering on sports has now evolved to fill the needs of bookmakers of all sizes and requirements.  Throughout the almost 20 years that Pay Per Head services have been in operation, sportsbook software providers have continually upgraded their products through constant research and by listening to online bookmakers across the country, and then fine tuning their sports …

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        Some of the brightest minds in the software industry today are working on wagering software.  The modern bookmaker working today bears little resemblance to the guy hanging on the pay phone on the back wall of a sports bar with a roll of quarters in one hand and his little black book in the other.   How things have changed for the …

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How Can Help You Upgrade Your Bookie Business

If you are determined to take your bookie business up a notch, is the right choice for you as we offer the most advanced sportsbook software that’s available on the market and have a specialized staff will help you migrate your services quickly, simply and without hassles. The unparalleled customer service and cutting-edge data processing of offer you the tools …

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Ditch Cheaters With Our Risk-Management Pay Per Head Solutions

As a bookie, it’s a fact that you will have to deal with cheating players. “Steam chasers” or “steam bettors” are one of the types of cheaters that you will face. How does Betting Steam Work? When you hear someone talking about “betting steam” they are talking about following a line change caused by a large amount of money being …

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The Ultimate Three Tips For Bookies For The NFL Season

With the NFL season already among us, bookies everywhere should have already have fine-tuned all aspects of their bookmaking operation. If you haven’t done so you may fail to cash in and enjoy a lucrative NFL season. If you’re new and don’t know where to start, or for some other reasons are still tweaking the last details of your bookmaking …

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How Bookies Should Deal With Winning Players

Many bookies wonder how they should deal with a player that keeps winning. In some cases, the answer isn’t to get that player to stop winning; it’s to get that player to stop betting with you! Yes, for some bettors, the only real answer bookies have is to limit their betting options so that they will look for a new …

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How Our Real-Time Reporting Tools Help Bookies Avoid Big Losses

A profitable pay per head bookmaking operation is all about the reliable flow of information so that the agents know what their players are betting at all times. With our real-time reports, you will be able to analyze individual player wagering activity through easily accessible bookmaking reports that will help you oversee your entire operation and stay on top of …

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Try Our Pay Per Head Services For Free During The NFL Preseason!

Bookie, are you ready for some football? The preseason is among us and the NFL regular season is right around the corner. We have everything you need to help you make more money during the NFL season and to prove it we are willing to let you try out our pay per head services for free during the 2017 NFL Preseason. …

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