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Increase Your Bookie Profits With Our Horse Racing Software!

The most successful bookies are the ones that offer their bettors the full range of wagering opportunities, including horse racing. Horse racing can become an additional source of income for bookies. The hundreds of daily races all over the United States give players endless possibilities to bet on. Our horse racing software allows your players to place wagers on daily …

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How Our Big Bet Alert Feature Helps Bookies Make Money

One of the many services that the clients of just can’t get enough of, is the big bet alert feature, which allows bookmakers to have a lot more control over what’s going on with their clients. This definitive player management tool keeps you on top of your bookmaking business. Simply, set this alert to your desired preference and you’ll …

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Why Winning Bookies Must Use A Top-notch Sportsbook Software

Running a bookmaking business can become a really complicated task, without the proper help and tools. For example, bookies have to take into account the different betting options that we offer bettors, manage the different bets they make, keep track of collections and payments, and many other variables that you will only be aware of once you get into the …

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Bookmaking Software: Advantages, Features And Price

Main Advantages The most attractive advantage of using modern bookmaking software is that the long tedious hours that bookies spend to stay on top of their day to day action are mostly gone. Also, the frantic grading of games and endlessly searching for the sharpest lines are all taken care of by the software provider or pay per head service …

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Live In Game Betting Helps To Increase Overall Profits For Sports Bookies

Sports bettors are a rare breed and for them it is all about placing bets on sporting events and just being in action. For most of these bettors there is nothing like the thrill of getting their money down on a particular sporting event and sweating out the outcome.  Host pay per head service has just made things a bit …

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Top 11 Most Common Questions Bookies Ask About the Host PPH Bookie Software?

Q: What Sportsbook Betting Software is Used By Host PPH? A: Host PPH uses DGS (Digital Gaming Solutions) state-of-the-art gaming software. Q: What Types Of Sports Betting Options Does (DGS) Digital Gaming Solutions Software Offer To My Bettors? A: DGS software provides all the betting options of a Las Vegas Sportsbook. Absolutely every type of wager option you can imagine …

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Host PPH Bookmaking Software Gives Per Head Bookies the Edge

Host PPH is one of the top services for per head bookies available today. Unlike other bookmaking services, Host offers its clients the most up to date and versatile bookmaking software currently available on the market. This bookie software doesn’t just focus on one particular type of sports betting. In fact, it allows your players to place bets on all …

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Digital Gaming Software (DGS) Offers Bookies Real Time Reporting

Bookies who choose Host are choosing digital gaming software, or DGS software as it is commonly called. That’s because Host insists on providing its clients with the most high quality, modern, and capable bookmaking tools. When you choose Host and use it and its sportsbook software, horseracing system, online casino, or any other feature, you’ll get something you won’t find …

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Digital Gaming Software (DGS) Limitless Profiling Options

Out of all of the many PPH services currently operating, Host PPH has been considered one of the best for over a decade now. While Host has a variety of unique features that set them apart from their pay per head competitors within the industry, the thing they actually excel at is providing superior customer support! The professionals at Host …

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Bookies Count on Digital Gaming Solutions Betting Software

If you’re a bookie, you can benefit greatly from using the DGS software offered through Host. This pay per head service and its DGS software allow you to do anything and everything, whether you want to run a successful sportsbook, take horseracing bets, let your players go at it in the casino, or anything else! This software has long been …

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