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Host PPH Offers Bookies Complete Sports Betting Odds

There are a lot of different price per head services to choose from in today’s world. Most pay per head services, unfortunately, only offer basic odds information and betting options for the Pro and College leagues and, if you’re lucky, expanded betting options for playoff games and series. Host PPH, however, offers sports odds and services for just about every …

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Host PPH Unveils Top Casino Games of 2011 – Part I

Host PPH prides itself on knowing its clients and on knowing what its clients are doing. This helps the service, first and foremost, to help bookies, but it also helps them to know what is working and what isn’t. One thing that has certainly been working is the service’s wide array of over 90  casino games. These games are getting …

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Sports Book Software: Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting is an absolute must-have for any bookie who relies on bookie software or just general sportsbook software to do his or her business. Reporting allows for more than just regular updates of what is going down in your little corner of the gambling world. You can also opt for choices like bet alerts, bet tickers, big bet …

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Not All Sports Betting Software is Created Equal

Most of the time, when people choose PPH services, they pay attention only to the price, and generally they just go with the company that has the lowest price. Price, however, really isn’t the most important thing to consider when choosing a service. What is more important is finding one that has high quality, modern, reliable, and user friendly sports …

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Host Mobile Betting Software Rated Tops in PPH Industry

As the Host PPH bookie service group puts another successful NFL season in the books they are receiving accolades from their clients for one important feature they seem to be doing better than anyone, mobile betting service with no downloads required. Ever since its inception over 10 years ago Host PPH knew that there were 3 things that they would …

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Host PPH Gives You the Power to Move Your Own Lines

A good line on a sports contest is defined by the action it generates from the gambling public. If 2 knowledgeable players with strong opinions on the game look at the line and want to take opposite sides then the line maker has done their job. Bookmaking should never be a gamble but rather a simple juice collection business. This …

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Pay Per Head Horse Racing is Safe & Profitable

If you want to offer horse racing options to your clients then you absolutely need to start with some good pay per head horse racing booking software. Horseracing with the right software is easy, safe, reliable and best of all it can make you big money.  Host pay per head services is your #1 choice to get your clients started …

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