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Try Our Pay Per Head Services For Free During The NFL Preseason!

by admin on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

NFL BettingBookie, are you ready for some football? The preseason is among us and the NFL regular season is right around the corner.

We have everything you need to help you make more money during the NFL season and to prove it we are willing to let you try out our pay per head services for free during the 2017 NFL Preseason.

To take advantage of this offer Contact us now or chat with one of our agents here. You can also call us at (877) 644-4678 or (877) 820-4678 and mention you saw our blog article.

Football season is the best time of the year for bookies to earn big profits. Although you can also make money with other sports over the course of a year, none comes close to football and the income that college football and NFL betting can generate.

In order to enjoy a successful football season, you must make sure that you have the best pay per head provider available in the industry working for you, giving you the very best services and tools to help you make money.

At we have the best tools to make sure you maximize your profits and provide your players the best services. By catering to you players needs and customizing the profiles to their liking we will help you maintain customer loyalty, which will grow your business and convince them to keep you as their bookie.

Here’s a quick look at what we offer to help you succeed during the NFL season:

Top-notch Sportsbook Software:

With a single platform that requires no additional downloads your clients have at their disposal the possibilities to bet on NFL or college football, and dozens of other sports. Our sportsbook software gives bookies everywhere the tools to offer any type of event regardless of the betting market. All major sports around the globe will be available to your players.

-Advanced Line Control:

with this tool we give you the ability to move your own lines and odds so that you can adjust the lines or the juice yourself. Agents can completely take control of every offering, including money lines, spreads, totals, quarter lines, halftimes and even futures and props. Agents can also activate or deactivate any betting line giving them the option to either invite the type of action that they do want or deter the type of action you don’t!

-Real Time Live Bet Ticker:

our customizable real time live betting ticker allows you to monitor all wagers as they come in.

-Delay Option:

this important tool lets you checks the line for all bets coming in via the Internet, making sure that the players will always get the freshest line. It will help you avoid the bets from gamblers that are chasing steam and trying to get a sharp line.

-The Big Bet Alert:

By setting this alert according to your needs we will notify you in real time of the details of what your big players are betting right away. You won’t have to spend any more hours in front of your computer waiting for the results of their bets. Set the big bet alert on and take back control of your time.

-Customized Bookie Website and Domain:

once you become a member of services and decide to choose us as your pay per head provider we will provide you a customized website at no additional cost to help you take your business to the next level. You can choose from over 30 websites templates, or have our team of designers and programmers create one from scratch for you.

-True Redundancy:

Our day-to-day operations follow a fully redundant back–up strategy. We continuously and automatically back up all our data, use multiple servers to handle heavy traffic and leading-edge technology hardware. Our telephone and internet connections include backups for our backups and our servers are configured to avoid and, if necessary, survive any Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. Our building includes UPS (uninterruptible power systems), generators, completely redundant phone systems, core network routers, separate Internet providers with multiple international connections and extra capacity.

-Digital Wager Recording:

If you’re an agent tired of dealing with players that constantly claim that the wagers were entered incorrectly and should be cancelled then is the company for you. We use the latest digital software that will record all incoming and outgoing calls, providing you with an instant archive that is available on demand and ready to assist agents resolve any dispute that may arise.

All online bets are digitally time stamped and matched with phone extensions and/or IP address location.

Our goal is to help you avoid those clients that give you headaches and assist you to come out a winner whenever a conflict arises. We know how important security is, that’s why your digital and voice records are encrypted and 100% confidential, available only to the master agents after they provide both the username and password of the account.

-FREE Don Best Schedules:

when you become a member of services you’ll be eligible to receive periodically throughout the year free Don Best schedules for all your sports bettors!  These schedules will help your players plan and organize all their sports betting action with game by game matchups, the dates, location and starting times of each sporting event, precise television coverage so you know where to tune in and most importantly, the rotation numbers.

By providing you all these superior services and tools we strive to become the only pay per head provider you will ever need.

Start preparing for a successful NFL season by trying out our services for FREE during the preseason!

Contact us now or chat with one of our agents here. You can also call us at (877) 644-4678 or (877) 820-4678 and mention you saw our blog article.



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