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Tips To Avoid Clients That Jeopardize Your Bookie Business

by admin on Friday, March 1st, 2019

worried bookieBad clients can stall your business and keep you from maximizing your profits. Thus, as a bookie, you should implement a thorough selection process to avoid them. At we know it can be daunting to assess your customers, so here are four tips that will help you through the process to help you become a more successful and profitable bookie.

1.- Accept clients by referral only: When and how you meet a potential customer can be a real hit or miss proposition. To maximize your time and save yourself a lot of headaches you should try to accept new clients that come to you only by referral.

Interviewing common acquaintances between agents and players will allow you to get an insight into who your new potential customer is. Leads from your dependable clientele are perhaps one of the most dependable techniques to expand your business so try to get as many as you can.

2.- Get rid of clients that bug you excessively: Avoid and let go of those clients that are texting or messaging you constantly for every minor detail. After a brief feeling-out period, the relationship should be relatively smooth with minimal interactions throughout the week.

Although offers a professional call center that caters to your clients’ needs and has customer service representatives that will assist them to solve all their problems, there are some clients that will always want to be in touch with you and try to reach you for every little thing.

When you come across such clients you must ask yourself if their business is worth your time. These clients force you to invest too much time maintaining their needs and keep you from other more profitable things such as expanding, optimizing and promoting your business.

3.- Build trust and credit history: Since you can’t check your clients’ credit history, getting new clients by word-of-mouth will help you know if the new person you’re considering as a client usually pays his/her debts. This, however, doesn’t eliminate all the risk involved when taking new clients.

As a result, when you don’t know much about your clients past, assume they have poor credit. Help them build it up by giving them a low weekly amount and establish a pay date and make them stick to it. As trust is gained you can extend their credit lines, raise their limits and reduce restrictions.

4.- Monitor the betting style of your clients: provides you with top-notch agent software will allow you to see a complete overview of your players’ bets. This dashboard provides an individual and through analysis of wagering habits of each player you have.

You’ll get reports that show betting odds, line moves and detailed breakdowns of the type of wagers they like to play, thus you’ll end up with an extended diagnosis of what is the betting style of your players. Our tools will help you to get to know your customers and detect those bettors that jeopardize your profit margins.


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