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Finding The Very Best PPH Service Available

by admin on Monday, July 1st, 2013

Offshore Pay Per HeadThanks to the advent of modern bookmaking software, bookies these days are able to take their business to an entirely new level.  Recent advancements in the field of communications have given us I-Pads and SmartPhones which in turn have taken the sports wagering experience out of bar rooms and barbershops and into Cyberland where access to online wagering is available at any time of the day or night.

Savvy bookmakers all across the country are finding that working with a good price per head service company is a tremendous aid to help them cope with the new found influx of wagering business.  Some have even gone so far as to say that working with a first class price per head service has actually changed their lives… and for the better.

Located down in tropical Costa Rica and working exclusively with professional bookmakers for over 12 years now, Host PPH  has become the standard of the industry by providing a superior level of client service that the modern bookie needs and has come to expect.

What a PPH Service will do for the bookmaker is to provide for you and your players full-on access to world-wide sportsbook action 24/7/365 along with an exciting 90 game online Casino and complete Racebook coverage.  A first class PPH Company will even build you your own web site and put you up live on the Internet… at no extra charge what-so-ever.  Once that is accomplished, a bookmaker is able to offer to his players all of the wagering options offered by major offshore sportsbooks.

Be wary of a company… that also runs a sportsbook… which offers you a price per head service deal.  They will actually be in competition for your players by offering them sign-up bonuses and free plays to attract their business.

The part about working with a quality price per head service like Host PPH that bookmakers like the most is the comprehensive, overlapping bookkeeping available at any time of the day or night.   No longer is it necessary to carry around incriminating little black books.

The way that a price per head company works is simply a small charge per player, per week… only if they play.  In other words, if a number of your players do not place wagers during that week, there is no charge for that week. Such a deal!

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