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Ditch Cheaters With Our Risk-Management Pay Per Head Solutions

by admin on Friday, October 13th, 2017

risk management softwareAs a bookie, it’s a fact that you will have to deal with cheating players. “Steam chasers” or “steam bettors” are one of the types of cheaters that you will face.

How does Betting Steam Work?

When you hear someone talking about “betting steam” they are talking about following a line change caused by a large amount of money being wagered on one side of a game in a short period of time.

Keeping an eye on line movements is an essential part of sports betting. It is of key importance to monitor fluctuations from the moment they are posted in order to be on top of any and all early action.

Such moves usually happen shortly after lines have been posted when the sharp players a.k.a. ‘the wise guys’ will pounce on a number that they feel in just a bit off in the initial offering.

What the “steam chaser” is looking for is a large change in the posted odds of a certain match which makes a sudden move of a point or two in a very short period. As a result, he will follow in the footsteps of the guys who placed wagers large enough to actually move the lines.

The big moves are made by big ‘syndicate players’ which are not to be confused from ordinary ‘public or recreational bettors’ who usually do not have the monetary power to make any significant changes in posted lines.  To do that requires wagering large sums of money.

How We Help You Detect And Ditch “Steam Chasers” and Other Cheaters

To help bookies avoid, detect and ditch these and other kinds of troublemakers has an expert customer service staff that is on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Our experienced staff has the right tools to back you up and make sure that nobody takes advantage of you. Our team’s effort, preparations, and technological tools are second to none and you can make sure they will be working day and night to watch for your best interests.

To deter steam bettors offers the Delay Option, which checks the line for all bets coming in via the Internet, making sure that the players will always get the freshest line. This tool will help the agents avoid the bets of gamblers that are chasing steam and trying to get a sharp line.

With our real-time reports, you will be able to analyze in real time the wagering activity of each one of your players through easily accessible bookmaking reports. All reports are customizable to individual preference which means the variety of advanced bookmaking reports is limitless.

Also, you can keep track what your players are betting instantly with our big bet alert. With this tool, you will be notified the very moment one of your bettors places a “big bet.” You, as the client, have full control over deciding what constitutes a “big bet.” You can also choose to be alerted each and every time a bet is placed, no matter what its size.

On top of that, our risk management team will keep an eye on your players and deal with any type of bet that looks fishy.

The risk management staff that works for is constantly watching the lines for you, making real-time changes to keep wiseguys away and has a strategy to help you detect cheaters and other threats that could generate big losses.

We work continuously to minimize your risks and maximize your profits, keeping track of the players’ movements and betting tendencies.

As part of our concern for your well-being, if we detect that one of your clients is winning too much we can give you his tendencies, so you can limit how much he can win and the type of bets and lines offered.

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