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If you are going to use a pay per head service, which you most definitely should in this technological day and age, then you absolutely need to choose one that has good pay per head software. "Good" in this case means fully modern and up to date, easy to use, and backed by an experienced, well trained customer service team that can help with any questions you might have along the way. The software really does control just how much use you'll get out of the service and what your client's experience will be like. No other factor of a PPH company is more important.

One of the best, if not the very best, pay per head software systems being used in the industry today is Digital Gaming Solutions, known as DGS for short. This online software has been around for a long time in one incarnation or another and thus is extremely well known, reputable, and above all else, trusted. DGS software is designed to adhere to the highest of standards and is so good that it is comparable to programs used in traditional or land based casinos throughout the USA and Europe.

Something that makes DGS such an excellent pay per head software program is that it allows for complete and full customization of all agent profiles. What this means for you, as a bookie, is that you can always see every single thing that your players are doing, from the smallest wager to the biggest bet. This gives you ultimate control, allowing you to easily see who is winning frequently so that you can ditch them and who is losing big, enabling you to make smart business decisions with your players.

Good programs are also all about offering a wide range of awesome betting platforms to the clients who, of course, matter more than anyone else. The casino action should also be fully realistic and the program should go beyond just the traditional means of betting and gambling. Horse racing, dog racing, betting on awards shows, betting on political elections and even betting on reality television should all be easy options for your players.

Don't forget, either, that allowing for mobile betting is also incredibly important. Today, clients do absolutely everything from their cell phones. So, obviously, it would make sense that they would want to be able to place bets from there as well. It's important that your program allows them to do so, or they might just take their business (and their money) elsewhere.

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