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Unbeaten NFL teams: Bengals

by admin on Friday, October 30th, 2015

cincinnati-bengals-thumbAs we continue with the best teams that are unbeaten we go to the Cincinnati franchise who might be taken down from this list as they face the Steelers. Although this team has come a long way since the start of the season only to get better through their encounters.

The Bengals are a force to be recognized. With the amount of talent they have at each position and the excellent level of play by QB Andy Dalton, this squad is in perfect position to break the streak of one and done in the Playoffs or perhaps we are just getting set up for a big disappointment from the Bengals. Nevertheless the team will not go down easily.

Victims: Raiders (3-2) in Oakland, Chargers (2-4), Ravens (1-4) in Baltimore, Chiefs (2-4), Seahawks (3-3) and Bills (3-3) in Buffalo

Keys to success:

On offense no matter what name / number on the jersey, everyone seems to be making big plays and pulling their weight inside their positions. The defense has been playing together for a short period of time, despite that they look very focused and although statistically they may not excel in many areas, they allow few points, so to give the offense a fair chance to attack.

They have won by: 10 points avg.

Total offense (yards): 3

Total defense (yards): 22

Next strong opponents in order of appearance:

Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos. Historically the Steelers are the medication for Cincinnati, the Cardinals have proven to be a very complete team and the Broncos are the only team in the AL West they still have to overcome, but it will not be easy.

Biggest challenge:

At times the defense can be permissive in terms of yards, adjusting to this problem is quite necessary because it can backfire against a team that is able to establish long drives, shorten the game by reducing the margin of error from Cincinnati´s attack.

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