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Start Promoting Your NFL Props Early To Increase Your Profits

by admin on Friday, July 20th, 2018

2018 nfl propsWith the NFL preseason less than three weeks away, now is the right time to start promoting season-long NFL propositions or props as they are commonly called.

Agents that do so can benefit from the NFL season earlier than usual, taking action from players that usually by the start of August can’t wait to start wagering on anything football related.

What kind of props should bookies promote? Well, there are plenty to choose from and the sooner that they start doing so, the better.

A lot of agents wait until the start of the NFL preseason to start, but by then it can be too late, because other bookies may have gained an advantage by starting sooner. After all, if you don’t offer these props to your players they will find someone else that does, so why wait and risk losing loyal customers?

Props can be offered for individual games or for season-long bets and can involve individual players or entire teams.

Individual props to start promoting already are:

  • NFL regular season MVP
  • Player with most receiving yards
  • Player with most rushing yards
  • Player with most passing yards
  • Offensive rookie of the year
  • Defensive rookie of the year
  • Player with most sacks
  • Player with most passing touchdowns
  • Player with most rushing and receiving touchdowns
  • Many others!

As for teams some props include:

Regular season wins, team to make the playoffs, teams to miss the playoffs, among others.

Although all kind of gamblers bet on props, they are usually very attractive to the casual betting fan, so it can help bookies lure potential new players. Because of that bookies should ask their sportsbook to include them in their agent account as soon as they are available.

Also, bookies should pay attention to their lines to make sure they are offering sharp numbers on their props, otherwise the most experienced players could take advantage of overlooked values to bank on.

To avoid that from happening and ruining your profits make sure you hire a reliable pay per head service such as, which specializes in giving bookies all the tools they need to stay updated at the very moment a bet is placed.

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