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Host PPH Works For US Based Bookies

by admin on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Bookies Earn More with HostTestimonial from one of our happy agents: “My buddy Benny and I have been taking local action now since we were young bucks out on the prowl.  It all started innocently enough in our neighborhood sports bar where everybody knows everybody and there is always some sort of wagering going on. So we, little by little, without even trying, became Bookies.  Now we all know that taking bets on sporting events is frowned upon in the USA in most places and it is a long plane ride out to Vegas, so, it just came naturally to us to be there for our buddies when they wanted to get down a bet on the big game.

Neither Benny or I are especially gifted when it comes to book keeping so our business occasionally got a little out of hand on us despite our best efforts to keep it all straight.  Benny always had a wallet full of little slips of paper and my desk was constantly decorated with different color post-its hanging around all over.

One weekend some months ago we ran into our old buddy named Charlie who has also been taking action for years now.

Charlie had recently started working with an outfit down in Costa Rica called Host PPH Services and he just could not stop talking about what a big difference the service had made in his life.  He was so happy that he had actually had the time to take his little girl horseback riding last Sunday instead of being glued to his regular stool at the sports bar.

Naturally, we were a bit skeptical at first but the more we listen to what exactly those Host guys were doing for Charlie, the more interested we became.  When we found out that Host PPH provided a professional lines department that kept his lines sharp at all times, we were starting to wonder if maybe we should check out this deal.  When Charlie told us that he did not even have to grade games anymore, we were sold.

So, Benny went online and contacted the folks at and we are now enjoying life more and are actually able to handle more action than ever before.  Host PPH certainly works for us!”

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