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How To Introduce Your Players To Horse Racing

by admin on Friday, April 27th, 2018

bet on horse racing The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner so take advantage of the “most exciting two minutes in sports” to introduce your clients to horse racing and start making money with a type of wagering that goes on all year long in a huge number of tracks across the nation.

Horse racing is one of the most lucrative businesses for bookies, so if you want to make more money and diversify your income you need get your clients hooked on this type of betting.

But before you do that you need to introduce them to the type of bets available as this form of wagering can be a little more complicated than taking the Philadelphia Eagles straight up against the Dallas Cowboys or playing the over/under in an NBA game.

If you don’t know where to start, share this article with your players so they can use it as a guide before they start betting.

A great way to introduce your clients to horse racing is with the win, place and show bets, which are often called straight wagers and are the most popular type of bet on the ponies.

With this kind of bets, your player is simply choosing a horse to win the race outright, or to place (which is to finish in the top two) or to show (which is to finish in the top three spots). A bettor can choose just one, two or all three of these bets when wagering on a horse.

Betting on a horse to show will obviously give the bettors the best chance of winning, but they will also pay the highest price, and this, of course, means they’ll get a lower payout. That is why betting to win is the most popular bet among horse bettors.

Some other exciting betting options available for horse betting enthusiasts are the exactas and trifectas, which are probably the two most common of the exotic bets available.

These are a type of parlay bets within a race where the bettors can pick more than one horse.

An exacta wager involves picking two horses that the bettors think will finish first and second in the exact correct order that they were picked. In this kind of bet, the payouts depend on the odds of the horses picked.

The trifecta wager is the one that allows your clients to chase a huge payday, but the good thing for the agents is that players probably won’t win a lot of these.

For the bettors to win a trifecta they must correctly predict which horses will finish first (win), second (place) and third (show). Remember that the horses must finish in the correct order that they were picked for the player to win this bet.

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