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Proposed New Rules for NCAA Men’s Basketball

by admin on Sunday, May 17th, 2015

NCAA BasketballRestricted-area arc

Following the key guidelines the committee set out to improve and reduce the number of collisions near the basket, this approved the expansion of the restricted-area arc from the current three feet to four feet.

In an effort to resume play quickly after a timeout, he committee voted to remove one team timeout completely on the second half, which would include a warning for any delay of game when the team does not comply and a one-shot technical foul for any subsequent violations.

Faking fouls

The use of video review to effectively penalize players, this has been a growing problem for the past  seasons, where players try to draw fake fouls in an attempt to deceive officials (“flopping”).

Pace of play

To help reduce inaction the committee will shorten the shot clock from 35 seconds to only 30 to help the scoring for this upcoming season, This proposed change was the most commented after the committee met last week, the last time the shot clock was reduced was back in the 1993-1994 season.

Also included in the proposed package:

The ability to call a timeout when the ball is live has been eliminated, the effective time available for a disqualified player to be replaced has been reduced, the media timeout has been adjusted to allow within 30 seconds of a break or anytime on a scheduled media timeout to become the media timeout, the five-second rule while dribbling the ball has been eliminated, the pregame warm-ups dunking prohibition has been lifted and allowing officials throughout the entire game to review potential shot-clock violations on made field goals (monitor).

NCAA Playing Oversight Committee Panel will decide if these proposed rules become official on June 8th.

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