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Jimmy Grahm Really Is A Tight End

by admin on Friday, July 4th, 2014

Jimmy GrahamNew Orleans Saints pass receiving star Jimmy Graham finally got his day in court last week and it only cost him about five million bucks when all was said and done.  Actually, Graham never really had the $5 million, but he was hopeful.

Before you start feeling sorry for Jimmy, remember that he will still be bringing home a cool $7 million next year in salaries alone. Not to mention endorsements and such as that.

Graham filed a grievance through the NFL players union the NFLPA asserting that his role with the Saints was more in line with the position of wide receiver than a tight end like it says on his initial contract, the one he signed.

The difference out on the field between the two positions may seem small, but the current pay scale employed by the NFL calls for wide receivers to make $12.3 million while tight ends only bring in $7 million a year.  Perhaps a better way to solve the situation would be to take a closer look at these two disparate pay scales and try to make them more equitable for all sides. I mean, it’s almost double.

So a grievance was filed and the long awaited date finally rolled around when independent arbitrator Stephen Burbank listen to both sides present their cases before ruling that Jimmy Graham was indeed a tight end and nothing more.

This was sort of good news for the Saints front offices because it gives them that extra $5 million in salary cap to work with. However, it is hoped that relations between Graham and the team will not be strained because of this litigation. With Drew Brees in his corner, that seems unlikely to come to pass.

The union will of course review the decision by Burbank. Graham has 10 days to file an appeal to the decision and have another go at it with a three member appeals panel. He has the option of refusing to sign the franchise tender, but that would mean sitting out the year and that doesn’t seem like a reasonable option for either side.

Players blessed with the franchise tag have until July 15th to work out a long-term contract deal with the team. However, they have until the 15th of November to sign their tenders. Why set that date in the middle of football season is a mystery to many.

Look for Jimmy Graham back in the Black & Gold again next year working his magical connections with Drew Brees & the Saints.

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