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Bookies Who Fall For Cheaper Rates Will Pay More In The End

by Daniel Gerbick on Friday, September 29th, 2017

deceiving pay per head ratesWhen it comes to pay per head rates, prices are deceiving. Some services offer incredibly low prices, promising to give you the same superior service as the top-notch pay per head providers do, and then don’t deliver.

Services like these often look good at first, only to have you quickly discover that the bookie software is outdated, the bookmaker sportsbook doesn’t offer many options, and the “customer service” leaves a lot to be desired.

To make matters worse, many pay per head services lure you in with very low pay per head rates—rates that increase exponentially as time goes by. These are referred to as “teaser rates” in the industry. They effectively draw in new clients who think they’ve found a bargain, but then prices quickly skyrocket.

Usually, the fact that they are going to do this is hidden away in the fine print, so there’s nothing you can do about it except pay for what you already agreed to.

To avoid getting stuck with a poor service do some research on what services and tools you need in a pay per head service. Make a list if you must and then, go out and find out the ones that match your needs.

The best companies usually offer around-the-clock customer service and support, a wide range of betting options for your clients, and most importantly of all, will give you the tools you need to keep a tight control on your business and to run it successfully.

At we offer the essential services you should look for when you’re trying to hire a pay per head provider, such as customizable agent and player set up, ready to use interface and gaming solutions, redundant data backup, real-time reporting of your clients’ actions, risk management specialists that help you detect and block cheaters and digital wager recording.

We also provide all the key tools that will make your bookie job easier:  incoming bets delay option, big bet alert, ability to move your lines, a personalized bookie website and more!

For an outstanding service such as this, however, you can expect to pay a little bit more upfront. Subpar services are the only ones that can afford to offer super low rates.

Paying more at the start is well worth it, especially since you’re much more likely to see your profits increase when you go with a higher quality service.

If you think about it, better services pay themselves before you know it. They will help you retain your clients, enjoy more free time to grow your business and will save you money in the long run.

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