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Lakers Eyeing Lbj & Melo

by admin on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Los Angeles LakersRemember back when the deal came together landing LeBron James, Chris Bosch and Dwayne Wade in Miami.  Cries of unfair went out… and look what happened.  Back to back NBA Championships for the Heat.

Now it’s the Los Angeles Lakers who seem to be planning a monster move like that by targeting that very same LeBron James, who becomes a free agent at the end of next year, and Carmelo Anthony who might just also be available.

Think about it… Kobe, LeBron and Carmelo playing on the same side at the same time.  Who could stand up to them… night after night?  What would such a dream team coming together do to the Lakers odds to win the NBA Championship once again?

This is not Fantasy Basketball we are talking about here folks. This deal might just possibly happen. The Lakers are currently at +10,000 to take the title next year as things stand now, meaning since the loss of Dwight Howard. The Lakers have not been listed at +10,000 in recent memory and surely that is an uncomfortable condition for the Buss family as well as the team.

Even if they only scored one of these great All-Stars, the odds on the Lakers would have to take a significant plunge. Michael Stewart, who is an oddsmaker working with and Aaron Black on, have brought out their divining rods and humored us with a little speculation of the hypothetical odds’ that we would be seeing should such a major coup by the Lakers take place.

A LA Lakers team consisting of Bryant, James & Anthony would most likely be priced between +120 & +140… a big jump from +10,000!  The Lakers win totals for the season would probably be between 62.5 and 65.5 wins.

Black went on to say, “The popularity alone would see masses backing them as we saw this past season with Miami. They were easily the most well-backed team I’ve seen in recent times as a low price favorite.  So to put them on the Lakers would create a futures bet buzz like we’ve never seen.”

Of course the status of Kobe Bryant himself remains a question mark as we wait to see how he will comeback from a bad Achilles tear.  But Kobe is still Kobe and he has a history of coming back from adversity.

No one really knows if the Lakers Super-Team will ever really come about, but, it’s kind of fun to speculate on the possibility… for Lakers fans at least.

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