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This Guy Owes The World A Drink

by admin on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Johnny ManzielIn the old days a guy could get a little drunk and make wild predictions and boasts which no one remembered in the morning. Then, along came the internet and, for some unfathomable reason, people seem compelled to voice their boisterous opinions to the whole entire world online.

Most of the time it’s just a lot of hot air and perhaps we get a chuckle or two out of it, but when a guy wagers on certain things and the prize is free drinks, then a lot of folks sit up and take notice. Especially if the guy wagers that he will buy free drinks for the whole world, forever.

So, a gentleman who calls himself Fisher King @ SquareKnight, put this up on line before the Rams-Browns on Saturday evening, “If Michael Sam sacks Johnny Football & gives the money sign, drinks are on me.  For everyone in the world. Forever.”

The phrase ‘open mouth, insert foot’ came immediately to mind when, in the fourth and final quarter of the game, Michael Sam, wearing the number 96, did exactly what Mr. Fisher had bet that he would not do, in exactly that order. Sam slipped off his blocker and leveled Manziel in the backfield for a sack. Then, the obviously excited Mr. Sam proceeded to flash Johnny Football’s unmistakable ‘money sign’ for all the world to see.

The home town crowd loved it but I suspect that Mr. Fisher King was having second thoughts about his invitation to everyone in the world for a friendly drink, forever. The sack, however, did little to help the Browns overall effort as they went on to lose the game by a final score of 33-14 to the Rams who lost their starting quarterback Sam Bradford for the season during the contest.

Elsewhere in week three NFL preseason action there were a few other wierdnesses that we don’t see everyday. Like Peyton Manning getting flagged for taunting. Yes, you read it right. Mild mannered Peyton, for taunting… something usually reserved for flamboyant defensive backs. But there it was, Wes Welker took a helmet to helmet hit and had to leave the game for a concussion evaluation and Peyton took after Swearinger in no uncertain terms. That was about the most emotion we have ever seen out of ole Peyton.

Look for some more strange things to go down in the next few weeks in the NFL. With the officials calling the game much tighter than they did last year, it will be the players who must adapt so that the game will not be marred by an over abundance of penalties.

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