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NASCAR All Stars Race For A Million Dollar Prize

by admin on Thursday, May 15th, 2014

NASCARWith it’s million dollar purse and it’s line up consisting of the biggest names in NASCAR racing, the All Star Race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway is always one of the most anticipated events of the season for race car fans and drivers alike.

First of all it is a downright honor just to be invited to participate. This is the All Star game, however, unlike the NFL and the NBA, these boys will be playing for keeps and a million bucks!

Here’s how it works. Drivers who have already won races this year or last year qualify, even if a driver changes teams. Any driver who has won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series over the past 10 years also gets an automatic invitation to Charlotte and well as the drivers who have won the All Star Race during the past 10 years.

Jimmie Johnson has four All Star wins to his credit but Jeff Gordon, with three wins is hoping to catch his teammate this year.

Before the All Star Race, NASCAR will present their Sprint Showdown races which feature two rounds of 20 laps each. All 23 drivers entered in this event went winless for 2013 & 2014. Both the winner and the runner up qualify for the upcoming All Star Race.

To encourage fan participation and add a little excitement to the selection process, NASCAR has a place on their website where fans can vote for their favorite driver who is not already in the race. Danica Patrick may be a good candidate for that spot after her performance at Kansas.

After the field is set, the starting lineup for the big All Star race will be determined by time trials, which will consist of 3 hot laps and must include a 4 tire change pit stop.  So the pit crews must also be of All Star quality.

NASCAR fans watching at home may need a program or a second screen just to keep up with what is going on. It’s a little complicated. The All Star Race will consist of four segments of 20 laps each and a final fifth segment on 10 laps.

After the first three rounds there will be optional pit stops followed by 5 laps under the yellow caution flag. After the fourth round the cars will be repositioned based on the average finish in the first four rounds before going to the mandatory pit stop.

Whoever comes out on top at the end takes home a million bucks!

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