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Goodell Does It Again

by admin on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Roger GoodellA lot of sports fans would like to know how Roger Goodell has become judge and jury, and executioner for the whole of the National Football League. Especially when his judgments are so inconsistent, and often controversial. So he makes over thirty million bucks a year. Does that give him the right? Apparently so.

Most everyone has seen the unfortunate video of Ravens running back Ray Rice cold-cocking his future wife in the elevator at a hotel in Atlantic City. It was ugly.  Not something that we like to see from our sports heroes. Of course most of it was caught on film, especially the part where Ray drags the unconscious Ms. Palmer out of the elevator.

Now, months later, and only a few days before the Hall of Fame game, Goodell has announced that Ray Rice shall be suspended for two whole games for his ‘indiscretion’. Two games, that’s it! The critics began to howl almost immediately.

Now we hear that Janay Palmer, the victim of the hit and since married to Rice, went to Sir Roger to plead for leniency for her new spouse. It must have worked.  Ray was initially indicted on a third degree assault charge following the incident, but no further action was fourth coming from the law.

Palmer pressed no charges and told anyone who would listen that there has been no other incident of violence in their relationship, neither before nor since. She must have been pretty convincing because her new hubby is coming out of this one smelling like a rose. She reportedly asked Goodell to go easy on Rice so as ‘to not ruin Rice’s image and career with his sanctions.’

There were a couple of things in Ray Rice’s favor that also came out. This was his first violation of any NFL policy, not a good way to start Ray. But, he was not convicted of any crime in conjunction with the incident. The best one is that Ray Rice has been the leading player on the Baltimore Ravens team when it comes to volunteer work in the community.

Also in his favor is the fact that Rice admitted his grave error right away and sought counseling. OK, that’s good. But a two game suspension? What about the poor guys who had to sit out half a season for smoking a joint? Where does Sir Roger draw the line?

Some writers are even calling the whole thing a big joke and awaiting Goodell to come out with the punch line.

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