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Alex Smith Finds A Home In Kansas City

by admin on Friday, March 1st, 2013

Alez SmithAlex Smith got the short end of a bad deal in 2012.  He got hurt….a bad concussion that kept him out of the lineup for several weeks….. giving a rookie quarterback, Colin Kaeernick, his chance to shine……and shine he did.  Took the 49ers to the Super Bowl he did.  So, where does that leave Alex Smith?  Smith is a good quarterback with the potential to be a pro bowler if he stays healthy.

When Andy Reid took over the reins at Kansas City he had, in effect, no viable starting quarterback to help him pull the Chiefs out of the NFL cellar and make a run at the playoffs next year.  Matt Cassel don’t count.  He had the worst quarterback rating in the NFL last year……and so did the Chiefs.

Many fans and writers see this move as a win-win situation for all concerned.  San Francisco gets two second round draft picks and the Chiefs get themselves a genuine franchise quality quarterback.  Andy Reid is a smart coach and word has it that he had his eye on Alex Smith from the moment he made the decision to take over coaching the Chiefs.

Kansas City contracting Smith will also have a major effect on the upcoming NFL Draft in April.  There was much speculation that the Chiefs were going to pick Geno Smith of West Virginia to take over the quarterback position. All of that is changed now and the latest rumors have Geno Smith going to Oakland where his talents are sorely needed.

Of course, the biggest winner coming out of this transaction is Alex Smith.  He gets to be a starting quarterback again and gets to move far away from what had to be an uncomfortable situation with the 49ers.  Smith quickly developed into a contender quarterback in two seasons racking up a record of 20-8-1.

The Chiefs have landed themselves a proven commodity this time instead of rolling the dice on a first round draft pick that was spectacular at the college level but as yet unproven in the big leagues.  It is a different game up there and requires a different kind of player.  Just think of all the first round picks in the past few years that have gone absolutely bust in the NFL.

Congrats to Alex Smith, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

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