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Why New Bookies MUST Use A Pay Per Head Provider

by admin on Friday, June 16th, 2017

team_success_pphThe concept of pay per head is, for some people, a bit difficult to understand, especially when you’re just getting start in the sports betting business.

So, for those getting started and who are interested in becoming successful bookies we will try to pinpoint the benefits of using a pay per head company.

In simple terms, the main benefit of using a pay per head provider like will be that you as a bookie who is getting started or has scarce experience will be able to offer your customers quality services without so much economic sacrifice and will have more free time to collect your profits and find other clients among other things.

As a rookie in this field your probably don’t have enough money to hire your own employees or rent your own space to open your own office, so new bookies must use a pay per head service to take advantage of technology to better manage your clients and offer them a team of professionals that will give them secure and diverse services and will cater to each and every one of them regardless of their individual needs.

Regardless of their favorite sport to bet, or whether they like to place bets online or over the phone, your customers will have a wide selection of sports to choose from and a professional customer service, available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Our pay per head services will be responsible, among other things, for creating an attractive, efficient and secure website. The site should not only be user friendly to allow the bookie to customize and supply all the betting options necessary to satisfy whatever the customers demand, but also secure enough to protect their privacy. will provide expert graphic designers who will keep your website up to date. In addition, when a company like works for you, you as a bookie, can offer your players the best platform offered by the gaming industry.

Our pay per head monitoring system will give you real-time access to all your players’ movements. For this we will provide a user and password where you can monitor all of your customers’ information and statistics through detailed reports.

You can also manage your customers lines and betting to your liking. The options are unlimited so you can customize everything: from the betting limits to the sports offered to certain customers.

With You will control what they can or cannot access and limit the amounts and type of bets they make online. Our software and services will help you grow your business by allowing you to have more free time to recruit new customers.

With our outstanding pay per head services you will have alongside a team of bilingual representatives who have the experience and knowledge to provide you and your players excellent customer service. also offers access to horse races and live casinos (where your clients can play poker, roulette, slot machines, among other things) whenever they don’t feel like gambling on the traditional sports. As a new bookie, you can’t afford to take any losses so these two assets will allow you to maximize your profits during bearish times.

Many companies that offer pay per head services do not have our experience or resources. When you hire us as your pay per head provider you get a company that is striving to always offer the best all-around services.

We want to help you grow your business by helping you manage your customers. We will provide them with superb services that will encourage them to retain your services as their bookie and recommend you to fellow gamblers.

If you want to get more information about our pay per head services contact us today and start your business as a successful and profitable bookie!


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