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Sports Agents Have the Upper Hand Against Vegas In NFL Draft Betting

by admin on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

2017-NFL-DRAFTThe Nevada Gaming Control Board approved for casinos and sportsbooks in Vegas to offer prop bets on the NFL draft. The betting, which was approved for the first time in history, has to stop tomorrow — the day before the draft and has certain restrictions.

Although these bets are competition for sports agents everywhere, the ones that use a Pay Per Head Service will have the upper hand because, unlike Vegas, their players will benefit by having access to any kind of draft bet and can bet even on the same day of the draft.

For example, Vegas won’t offer wagers on specific players or picks, but can take bets on how many of a certain position will be drafted in a certain round, or how many players from a specific college will be selected.

The gaming commission understands that there are too many people around NFL teams handling inside information about possible draft picks and they could be tempted to make illegal use of it.

Some props that will be allowed include: how many quarterbacks will be drawn in the first round of the draft or whether more offensive or defensive players will be selected in the first round.

Also, they approved props such as the total number of players from a particular university that will be selected during the whole draft and the number of players from each position to be selected during the three days.

They also offer some quite unique props such as, when will the first kicker be chosen. After last year’s selection of kicker Robert Aguayo by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second round, this may create some interest among bettors.

The 82nd NFL draft will be held from April 27 to 29 and will take place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Pennsylvania.

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