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Our Security and Privacy Features Give Bookies Peace Of Mind

by admin on Friday, October 20th, 2017

pay per head privacyInternet privacy and security is a real and serious concern for bookies when they choose a pay-per-head service.

In fact, bookmakers can’t be careful enough with internet security and privacy and that’s why, as a top-rated pay-per-head provider, we strive to provide peace of mind to all the bookies who hire our services while they reap the benefits and make their business grow.

That is why we take special measures to keep all client information confidential. All the information that you do provide to will be held in a secure, onsite server. This means that no matter where you may be physically located in the world, your information will be protected, not allowing anyone but you to access your information.

All it takes is a little bit of sensitive information to get leaked and you could lose your clients’ trust and that’s why every single account at, whether it’s for an agent, a sub-agent, or a player; can only be accessed using a username and password. This means that every login, transaction, wager, information update, report query and any changes are only accessible by authorized account holders.

Furthermore, online and call center wagers must be confirmed by your players by re-entering their password every time they place a bet.

With, there are measures in place to protect against every possible scenario. You will enjoy protection against fraud, fund theft, hacking and so much more.

Our dedicated staff of IT experts working on your behalf is monitoring our computer systems at all times and performs upgrades and maintenance on a regular basis. This goes above and beyond the meager “security measures” offered by most other pay-per-head services. makes your privacy and the privacy of your clients a priority. We don’t ask for your players’ detailed information as we don’t need them to provide them with our services.

While other pay-per-head agencies want to know everything and your players, we go the extra mile to keep identities confidential. This is accomplished through extremely tight internal security measures that we have in place to protect all activities and actions undertaken by you and your clients.

As a result, you and your clients won’t have to worry about their private information getting connected with gambling when they use

You can check out our great security features by taking for a spin. If you want to use the site on a trial basis for up to one month contact us here.

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