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College Basketball Season Tips For Bookies

by admin on Friday, November 10th, 2017

ncaa basketball 2017 seasonCollege basketball is back and with it the opportunity for your players to enjoy a whole new plethora of options to bet on, and for you, a wide array of opportunities to earn more money.

Although the apex of college basketball betting is during the month of March once the NCAA tourney starts, people will start betting on college basketball right from the start of the season (which happens to be today).

But what makes college basketball so special to bet on? Well for one the uniqueness of its line movement, the time when they come out and the time to adjust them.

For example, in football, the lines come out on a Sunday night or Monday morning and the games are then played six days later so the sportsbooks and the agents are cool with whatever way the bettors decide to go because they have time to adjust the line all week long.

The thing with basketball is that the lines in Las Vegas often come out late the day before the game and usually there’s not a lot of action the next morning so the books generally get just a few hours to adjust the lines.

So, what can you as a bookie do to avoid these problems with your players? How do you avoid big losses when offering college basketball?

Regarding the spread and money line, the best advice would be to avoid offering the game lines the day before the game and wait instead to offer it early the day the game is played.

As for the total, the best would be to wait for as much as possible to put them online, preferably two to three hours before game time, because they usually move between six and 12 points during the day and this can be used by wiseguys to play the middle.

Remember, when you hire a professional and responsible pay per head provider such as you can tell them when you want your lines to go online for your clients in order to avoid losing big money on college basketball.

And the last tidbit of information worth remembering is that, since college basketball is more volatile than other sports, try not offer too many live betting options to your players. Keep instead a low profile and avoid giving your players a last chance to recover from their losses.


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