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Celebrated Professional Gambler Lem Banker Endorses Host PPH

by admin on Monday, May 21st, 2012

Lem Baker Endorses HostPPHLem Banker is one of the most well known Vegas gamblers of modern times. In fact, he is considered to be the most celebrated professional gambler in all of Las Vegas. It’s tempting to think that someone like Banker must have started off on the right track and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This actually isn’t the case. He struggled in his early days in the industry, admittedly having a very limited bankroll for years before going on to earn a fortune as an analyst for betting propositions. His career as an analyst, however, is just part of what he’s done on the sportsbook scene.

Lem Banker is the one who introduced the Run Line to baseball betting with Vegas sportsbooks. Though the form of betting was created by Charles McNeil, it went virtually unheard of until Banker brought it to prominence. Banker is also proud to have openly had black friends and acquaintances, including the legendary Eartha Kitt, in a time where segregation and racism was still wide spread. Today, Banker still places his own bets, particularly in boxing, and is active in the sportsbook industry. However, he admits to slowing down somewhat in his golden years and isn’t placing the eye popping bets that he was famous for in his youth. After all, when you have Banker’s lifetime earnings, who needs to bet for financial purposes?

Obviously, Lem Banker is a man who knows a thing or two about success. If you could take advice straight from one of the top Vegas gamblers of all time, you certainly would, right? Well, you have that opportunity now, since this professional gambler has voiced that he is a strong supporter of Host PPH. He has even openly recommended Host’s pay per head services to any serious bookmaker.

Lem Banker has said of the well known pay per head sportsbook service:

“Many land-based sportsbooks, some that I’ve done business with for over 30 years, have moved their operations offshore to Host. It’s because they have the best lines, the best people, and the best service. All around, they’re a top notch organization,”

You really can’t get a much higher endorsement than this one from the legendary professional gambler. Host PPH is the way to go! This service strives to provide its customers with every single tool they need for success. With the most up to date software, excellent customer service, and so much more, you’re in good hands with Lem Banker and HostPPH.

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