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Pay Per Head Software Musts & Must Nots

by admin on Monday, April 29th, 2013

Sportsbook Bookie SoftwareThere are several things that a Bookie should take a long close look at before deciding on a new Pay Per Head Service Company and Software.

Uppermost among these requirements is the bookmaking Software that you will be presenting to your players as a bridge between you, the bookie, and the bettor.

There are some definite MUSTS on this list:

  • Pay Per Head Software must be dependable, first and foremost.  The last thing that you need is to have your guys calling up to inform you, often angry, that your website is down and the game starts in 30 minutes.  No fun!
  • To support the PPH Software, the company must have a Redundant Back Up Systems to keep your page live and on line come rain or come shine.
  • Your new Bookmaking Software must be User Friendly.  If your players are constantly calling you to explain how to do this and that, the software is not working for you as it should.  Look for a Price Per Head Software that is straight forward as well as easy to understand and manipulate.  Making a bet does not have to be a complicated procedure and players do not want to get involved in solving a puzzle when all they want to do is place a wager and get on with their day.
  • An Attractive Presentation is another must for good Price Per Head Software. Remember that this software is all that your players will see of you until the time comes to collect their payout or to pay up. The smart Bookmaker must make a presentation here that will appeal to gamblers with recognizable characters such as local sports heroes that your players will relate to and keep coming back to.  Remember, they do have other options, so, make your presentation better that the competition and you will be one more step ahead.

What the Savvy Bookmaker defiantly MUST NOT do is to affiliate himself with a company that is all sales pitch and no substance.  May the Bookie Beware! But, don’t worry, there are some easy ways to prevent this.

  • When making your initial investigations into a reputable Price Per Head Service, ask around. Who is using what service and how happy are they with that service?  Word of mouth is your best source of information here and other Bookies who have found a good service will most likely be eager to share that service with their buddies.  If they are having bad experiences where they are, you will probably hear about that as well.
  • The main thing that a Bookmaker must not do is to fall into the trap of one of these fly-by-night outfits that sign you up for a super low price and then leave you hanging on a Sunday afternoon when push comes to shove.   How are you going explain that to your players who must trust you in order to continue doing business with you?  Think about it.
  • The big final MUST NOT is that you MUST NOT get busted so, be cool and careful out there… God Speed.


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