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Choosing Cheap PPH Services Could Cost You A Lot of Money

When a bookmaker chooses a cheap pay per head service he/she may could end up losing lots of money. It’s important to choose a pay per head provider that will help you (the bookie) run your business effectively and generate more income. If you make the wrong choice just because you’re trying to save a few dollars, then you may …

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by Daniel Gerbick on July 18th, 2017 Leave a comment »

Sports Agents Have the Upper Hand Against Vegas In NFL Draft Betting

The Nevada Gaming Control Board approved for casinos and sportsbooks in Vegas to offer prop bets on the NFL draft. The betting, which was approved for the first time in history, has to stop tomorrow — the day before the draft and has certain restrictions. Although these bets are competition for sports agents everywhere, the ones that use a Pay …

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Pay Per Head Bookies Must Insist On A Free Trial

It is that almost that time of the year again when unsatisfied bookies get the itch and will soon be on the move in search of a new pay per head shop. It happens every year about this time, which happens to be right after the NBA & NHL playoffs. Unsatisfied bookies will either be searching for better service or …

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by Daniel Gerbick on May 30th, 2014 Leave a comment »

Wikipedia defines the word specious as something ‘apparently good or right though lacking real merit’ or ‘superficially pleasing or plausible’. If that sounds at all like the price per head service that you have been considering, look around some more.  There are some good ones out there that are actually capable of delivering what they promise. The price per head …

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PPH Works For The Bookmaker

Trying to run a first rate bookie operation in these modern times is getting to be more and more complicated. Nowadays wagering options are being offered around the world, and around the clock, making it practically impossible to keep up with all the action using the time honored traditional bookmaking tools and methods. For this very reason, many of today’s …

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Smart Bookies Choose The Highest Quality PPH Available

There are a few highly experienced, top quality PPH service companies operating today that are able to offer to their clients the very best product presentation and agent services representatives in the business and they have a lot of professional bookmakers working with them. Most of them are professional bookmakers who have been with the company for years. They all …

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Pay A Little More And Earn A Lot More

Often times in life, it’s the things that we think of as bargains that end up being more expensive in the long run than it would have been to go ahead and get the better quality product in the first place. This holds true for PPH Services as well. If you look closely at the available price per head services …

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by Daniel Gerbick on November 8th, 2013 Leave a comment »

Cleaning Cookies For Bookies

Most of us are still trying to figure out computers. It seems like every time we start to get a grip on the situation somebody comes out with a brand new ‘upgrade’ and we have to start figuring it out all over again. That happened to me a lot at first but I am finally starting to get the hang …

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HOST PPH Offers A Guided Tour Of Their Services

When the day finally arrives that a local bookie has decided to take the steps necessary to move his business out of the back room, there is already an established company of dedicated professionals ready and waiting to be of service. Exactly which PPH company a bookmaker chooses to do business with could make the difference in a good year… …

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by Daniel Gerbick on September 10th, 2013 Leave a comment »

Becoming A Rookie Bookie

If you are seriously considering becoming a bookmaker, on any level, your first step will be to do your homework and find out just exactly what it is that you are letting yourself in for.  Bookmaking can be a profitable pastime… however, it can also be a pain in the behind if you do not do it correctly. If available, …

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by Daniel Gerbick on August 31st, 2013 Leave a comment »