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Price Per Head Call Centers

Just about every bookie out there these days knows that, in order to be successful, having a good price per head service on your side is vital. Many, however, don’t take the process of choosing their service seriously. They make the mistake of thinking that all call centers are basically the same and that they will get decent service from …

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Host PPH Celebrates Over a Decade of Professional Pay Per Head Service

When you are in the market for a good pay per head service, one thing that can usually enable you to tell a good, legitimate agency from an untrustworthy one in two seconds flat is how long that company has been in business. Sadly, in the pay per head industry, there are a lot of fly by night organizations out …

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Host PPH Offers Bookmaking Agents Free Customized Websites

Host PPH is a full service company that offers its bookmaking agents a lot of excellent services. This includes getting them fully set up to run every aspect of their business online. Plus, there is amazingly up to date software that makes even the hardest job simple and aids in organization. Don’t forget about the awesome fully English speaking customer …

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Pay Per Head Solutions for the Modern Bookie

In today’s world, there are all kinds of technologies that exist that can make sports betting so much more convenient and effective. Of course, whether or not you and your clients will have access to these technologies depends on which pay per head company you ultimately go with. Not all companies offer the impressive, state of the art technology that …

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Becoming a Bookie Can Quickly Change Your Life

If you have ever thought about becoming a bookie, then we want to encourage you to take those thoughts to the next level and make them a reality. With all of the helpful online resources out there for bookies these days, not to mention the various pay per head or PPH services available, there has never been a better time …

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Host PPH Offers Bookies Up to 4 Weeks of FREE Pay Per Head Service

There are a lot of bookie shop services and pay per head agencies out there, and it can be tempting to think that they are all alike—that one is the same as any other. The truth is, however, that this is not the case at all. Some PPH services are, quite simply, much better than others. The good ones offer …

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Offshore Sportsbook Management is a God send for U.S. Bookmakers

Thanks to PPH shops (AKA Pay Per Head Shops) now being set up in Costa Rica, United States bookmakers now have more options for offshore sportsbook management than ever before.  Bookmakers are outsourcing the wagering activity of their players to Latin America in record numbers thanks to the fact that these bets can be placed in a completely safe and …

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Must Read Guide to Becoming a Bookie

So you’ve been thinking you want to be a bookie but you’ve hit a wall on getting your business up and running. Or maybe you’ve been sportsbooking for years but you’re in a rut and don’t know where to turn. Let’s look at a few key elements to the bookmaking industry that will help get you started in the right …

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