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HOST PPH Offers A Guided Tour Of Their Services

by admin on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Host Pay Per HeadWhen the day finally arrives that a local bookie has decided to take the steps necessary to move his business out of the back room, there is already an established company of dedicated professionals ready and waiting to be of service.

Exactly which PPH company a bookmaker chooses to do business with could make the difference in a good year… and a not so good year. It must be remembered that the price per head company chosen will be representing you, the bookmaker, to your players on a daily basis. The smart bookie will wisely choose the highest quality service available so as to provide for his clients the best possible client services and easy, dependable access to wagering.

Bookmakers who present their players with a second class service which goes down on a regular basis will most likely find themselves losing players week after week until the make the upgrade to a quality service such at Host PPH which has years of experience in dealing with accounts and problems just like yours.

Choosing the correct PPH Service company is not really all that difficult.  The most direct way for any bookmaker to check out a service is to simply get them on the phone and ask the tough questions that could be holding you back.  Try to speak with more than one agent and get an idea of how the company operates and how they respond to your particular needs.

Host PPH Services has been working exclusively with professional bookmakers since 1998 and has a proven track record as one of the pioneers and leaders of the price per head service industry. Our agents in Costa Rica stand ready to walk you through a demo of our services explaining just exactly what it is that they have to offer you and how they can make you life easier and more profitable at the same time.

They will show you both the wagering page that the bettors will be seeing to place their bets and the agents reporting page where literally all of the facts and figures of your day to day business are recorded for you… eliminating the need for that ‘little black book’ which could end up getting you in trouble.

Make the call today, ask you questions and see for yourself how Host PPH can help change your lifestyle for the better.

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