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by admin on Monday, March 18th, 2019

BookieThe long cherished tradition of the ‘local bookie’ is alive and well across the United States these days.  More so than ever before, players are turning to their ‘local guy’ when placing their wagers on worldwide sporting events.  There are good reasons for this phenomenon…..reasons which make the whole system work better than ever before. 

 Back in the old days bettors were accustomed to dealing with their local bookie to place their sporting wagers.  He was available and dependable…and he was always there with a smile, whether making collections or payouts.  Then along came the big offshore sports books after the internet caught on and the world wide web got set up and running.  

 The attractions were obvious.  Web pages full of sparkle and glitter with a whole new world of information available at the player’s fingertips.  Many local bookies lost a good portion of their packages to these new ‘sportsbooks’ located somewhere down in the tropics.  Some even gave it all up and went out of business.  

 However, as time wore on, players grew tired of the hassle of sending money offshore and then sitting around for days…or sometimes weeks…waiting to get a payout when they finally hit on some big games.  And some of those payouts never came.  You see, like most everything else in life, there are good sportsbooks…and not so good sportsbooks.   

 Faced with the dilemma of finding a dependable offshore wagering option that paid off on time, many bettors began to look back at their well known ‘local bookie’ with renewed interest.  In the beginning there was just no way that a local guy could hope to compete with a big offshore books offering glitter and glamour…..not to mention free plays and bonuses.  
 Fortunately for all concerned, some forward thinking business men came up with a workable solution which evolved into what is known today as the price per head industry.  These companies provide the local bookmaker with the tools necessary so that he or she can now offer their clients any of the wagering options and services offered by the major offshore sportsbooks, while at the same time taking care of all of the bookkeeping chores that were taking up so much valuable time.   

 The best part of this for the local bookie is that it eliminates the need for carrying around any incriminating paperwork which…in the past….was the downfall of many a good ‘local guy’.  Today, the ‘little black book’ is a thing of the past.  

 Make the call today and find out what a quality PPH Service like can do for you. 

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