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Bookmaking Tips: Different Types of Bets Part Three

by admin on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Bookies Types of BetsOn previous posts we have discussed some of the most popular types of bets available for bettors. On this new post, we’re offering you some more quick descriptions and practical examples of more wagers available to you at most online bookmaking services.

Progressive Parlays

We have discussed in the past what parlays are. This type of bets are close relatives to regular parlays, however they do have some differences among each other. One of the similarities is that both bets allow a joint wager on multiple events, for instance on sports or horseracing.

Unlike regular parlays, a progressive one requires at least four to twelve separate events. Progressive parlays are often considered more profitable than their regular relatives because in the event that all the selected bets lose, the bookmaker receives a larger payout. Another contributing factor is that unlike regular parlays, even though some individual bets win the bettors still lose.

If Bets

This type of wager consists of two or more straight bets joined by an if clause that determines the wager development. One of the biggest downsides of If Bets is that if the initial wager is successful, the bettor is allowed to place a second bet. Because of their similarity, If Bets and Parlays are often mistaken, however this example will clear up for you:

  • An initial wager is placed on Team A, favored to win at -110 in the amount of $110 to win $100.
  • IF Team A wins, the player would collect the initial wager prize of $110 and the additional wager of +100 because the first statement was correct, for a total prize of $210.


Also called flexible rate bets, the odds are changing in real-time according to the share of total exchange each of the potential outcomes have received taking into account. This betting system is usually used on horse and dog racing, and has been compared to the parimutuel wagering system. Here’s an example of a totalizator bet:

  • The Bookie has a return rate percentage of 90%.
  • That means that 90% of the sum placed on the winning result, while 10% goes to the bookie.
  • Because of this, the odds reduce by betting more money on a certain result.

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