When it comes to Pay Per Head bookmaking services in the bookie market Host’s state–of–the–art facility is second to none. Many PPH agencies make claims of true redundancy but in reality their backup servers are inadequate systems often shared with other groups and simply can’t handle the excess load when something goes wrong.

The Host facility is based on a stand–alone, self–sufficient infrastructure that ensures our bookmaking agents will not experience any significant downtime. We understand that your business is your lively hood and we take our responsibility as a partner to you very seriously.

In the Pay Per Head industry Host continues to be a leader by investing in the latest technologies and communication systems. Our PPH service goes above and beyond the competition by providing redundant services that guarantees truly reliable uptime.

In addition to Uninterruptible Power Systems, generators, separate internet providers and phone systems with fully redundant capacity we also have a staff of fully qualified IT technicians working under the direction of a certified CTO (Chief Technology Officer) 24/7/365.

Host Offers:

  • 24/7/365 Technical support
  • Leading edge technology hardware
  • Digital recording of all calls to avoid claims
  • Triple redundant telephone and internet connections
  • Multiple firewall security
  • Mitigation solutions to avoid online Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks

At Host we have taken every precaution imaginable and have spared no expense to protect you and your players!

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